As time passes, the artwork by David García Torrado constantly changes and transforms itself as if it were a living being, continually distancing itself from its original beginnings.

David García Torrado, rather than limit his work to one particular area, prefers to widen his field of expertise in every direction that he can stretch his imagination to, particularly towards delicate and sensitive images that make you dream, free from the restraints of unalterable architecture, to submerge us in a sea of perfectly coordinated mixtures.

These images are sometimes warm, sometimes harsh, (but never random) and always faithful to a personal argument. They have multiple interpretations and the viewer can see how each work is governed by the movement of a changing and particular social, economic and cultural context.

It is precisely this mobile context upon which tension is created as a physically lineal moment, which, almost quasi-naturally, enables the purely aesthetic horizon to be widened to oversize it and reach other magnitudes, perhaps ones that are even more disquieting. Elements assigned to surreal or over-real aesthetics are found in some photographs, but from a realist point of view they become strange effects that have a prodigious power to capture our attention without destroying the poetic whole.

One of the corollaries of this productive adventure is one that is directly related to the ever-present abyss between reality and dreams. It is a combination that is not always easy to digest or interpret or to express but which, nevertheless, is fully cosmopolitan, having no particular cultural boundaries.

We have before us a fully realized portfolio of artwork, thanks to a long period of work that became progressively richer in intuitions and achievements. This artwork is a means of expressing ideas that gives birth to new emotions and dormant thoughts in contexts that are alive and where reality stops being real and becomes an allegory with no definite end. And, perhaps, with no beginning.

Javier Ubieta 2011.

David García Torrado. International photographer, Asturias, Madrid, Munich.

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